Safety Manager

Safety Manager

  • 1. Introduction to the US transportation industry
  • 2. Profession Safety Manager
  • 3. Trucking company

    You will learn what a Company File is and what documents a transport company needs to work in accordance with the application. Examining Form MCS 150.

  • 4. Work with drivers

    Learn the process of hiring a driver from partial selection to hitting the road. You will also learn when to fire a driver and how to report violations in advance.

  • 5. Documentation

    meet with the types of trailers and trailers and the specifics of their work. Register how to register them and renew registration.

  • 6. IFTA (International Fuel Taxation Agreement).

    You will learn what IFTA is, how to file a fuel tax report, and what documents and documents are required for this. You will learn how to analyze routes and read all documents correctly for the upcoming review.

  • 7. HOS (hours of service)

    Collect what is HOS RULES - driver time. Learn how to complete and collect paperwork.

  • 8. Insurance

    (Accidents) Find out what types of insurance are required in the field of cargo transportation. And also how to renew insurance.

  • 9. Drug and alcohol testing

    Get instructions for the safety manager and driver in case of an accident. Learn how to write an accident report.

  • 10. Safer and CSA

    Complaints (Complaints) You will learn what Claim is and how to analyze it. You will learn how to store documents and communicate with all participants. We develop initial situations from which you get how to act in a critical situation.

Safety Manager

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