How to start Trucking company

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How to Start a Trucking Company in the USA



Starting a trucking business requires careful planning and preparation. You will learn how to open a company and bank account in the USA. On your own or with the help of an accountant


During the training, we will tell you what documentation is required to open a transport business in the United States. What documents and permits are needed to start in the trucking industry. Step-by-step instruction


Let’s talk in detail about how to find customers. How to find reliable partners and clients who will provide you with work and stable income. How and where to look for regular customers


The transportation business is a huge US industry. Nearly 71% of trucking in America and 6% of all jobs in the country are in the trucking industry, with 8% of total jobs in the largest companies in the world.

The revenues of transport companies exceeded the total GDP of 150 countries, reflecting the importance of this area in the United States. In addition, it was recorded that 10.8 billion tons of loads were transported in 2021. Each truck driver, on average, logs over 100,000 miles per year.

Tigerlex is a transportation consulting agency that can help you succeed in the transportation industry. We will help you achieve your goal of maximizing profits and running your business to its maximum potential. The transport academy will show you how to create your transport company, train you and help you in your daily work. We will provide you with the resources and tools you need to succeed in the transportation industry. Our services are highly appreciated by our clients.

Who is this course for?

Logistics in the USA is one of the most developed transportation industries in the world. During the training, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to open a company, a bank account, even if you do not live in the USA. In the training, we fully reveal all the nuances and subtleties of the work of the owner of a transport company. By examples and practice

In our training, we will tell you how to start a US trucking business the right way. You will learn how to open a company and complete all the necessary documents for the right start in the logistics industry. We will provide you with everything you need in trucking training. You will receive professional expert advice, a business system, and marketing strategies to promote your business. This training has everything you need to know to attract customers and increase profits in the logistics industry.

Perhaps you already work as a broker or dispatcher, and already have experience in logistics, but you lack the expertise to start your business. During the training, your curator will advise you on all questions and nuances. We will share our experience and the experience of our clients. You will receive only practical knowledge for work. If you want to start this business the right way, you need a plan of action. Clear and precise, like a Swiss watch. In our training, we provide a complete trucking business organization system that really works.

Training program

Module 1 US Transportation Industry

Opening a transportation business in the USA
Registration of a company in the USA
Types of trailers in the USA
Owner transport company

Module 2 Documentation

Contract Templates
Correct paperwork
Search and work with the track driver
Insurance (Insurance)
Services for paperwork

Module 3 Trucking in the USA

Features of transportation USA
Safety Regulations
Factoring & QuickPay
Hours of Operation (HOS)

Module 4 Working as an Owner-Operator

Work and tasks of the Owner-Operator
Types and principles of work Loadboards
Search and booking of cargo
Negotiations with a freight broker
Documentation for broker and carrier

Module 5 Partnership

Search for dispatchers
Broker partnerships
Office organization
Business Marketing
Search for reliable clients

Module 6 Cargo Handling

The work of the dispatcher with the cargo
Booking procedure
Communication with a broker
Services for GPS tracking

Module 7 Industry Secrets

Search for owner operators and carriers
Organization and opening of the office
Terminology Trucking industry USA
Opening MC DOT number

Module 8 Marketing

Transport Business Marketing
Facebook marketing
Setting up SMS distribution
Google Adwords Advertising

Module 9 Documentation

Documentation for Owner-Operator
Registration Rate Confirmation
Licensing & Registration
Document templates for carriers
Truck Insurance

Module 10 Owner Operation

Opening a company in the USA
Bank account registration
Remote office setup
Useful services for owners
Payment for Truck Dispatch Service

How to become an Owner-Operator?

Sign up for the How to Start a Trucking Company training. Under the guidance of the curator, go through all the topics and complete the tasks.
After completing the course, take the test. Get a certificate to test your knowledge and further work.
Now you can start processing documents and getting started. Find clients and partners. Even if you live outside the US.
In the beginning, as in any business, you will have to invest a lot of money and possibly time resources. But with the right approach, your business will constantly evolve.
You earn decent money. And you have financial independence, which you have acquired by creating a company and opportunities for others
More than 887 thousand cargoes every day

How does the Owner-operator earn?

The owner of a transport company or owner-operator receives payment from brokers for the transportation and delivery of goods. You get a rate from each load, from which in the future you will need to calculate commissions and various costs, including fuel and taxes. You can carry out all these calculations before starting work.

Depending on the agreements with drivers, you can earn from 50-85% of the cost of each delivered load or offer a fixed payment for drivers

Working as an owner-operator or owner of a transport company, you can earn from $2000-$5000+ per week. You can start by buying one truck. However, if you have the financial ability or you can attract investors, we recommend to buy more trucks, in order to make good and stable money, you will need at least 3-4 trucks


Training takes place online. During a live session with a curator, you will go through the main topics of the 10 modules of American Logistics on our platform. You will also have personal consultations from the curator in the United States. The training includes additional materials. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate that will help you start a campaign and find partners for cooperation.

Training will take exactly as much time as you decide to allocate for it. We recommend focusing on 2-3 hours of daily work during training. It is difficult to give an exact figure – all students have different speed, resources and motivation.

Of course, you can work as a US Owner Operator from anywhere in the world. And it doesn’t matter where you live – in Kazakhstan or Ukraine. In the training you will find a whole module dedicated to remote work.

Initially, the training was created for future owner-operators. The course reveals important issues that many are silent about. The process of registering an MC, opening a bank account and the nuances of communicating with brokers / drivers, searching for or taking cargo and other equally important topics. This is a training of the work of the owner of a transport company in practice with real examples.

If you are an investor or partner in a business, you can combine different activities and work several hours a day. The only thing you need is to be in touch during business hours and make decisions according to your powers and agreements.

Training in English and Russian languages ​​of your choice.

To work as an owner operator in the United States, you need to have at least an intermediate level of English (B1).

You will have chat support from managers throughout the course. The training also includes a personal consultation with the curator.

Yes. However, if you want a separate study room with progress tracking and a certificate, we recommend that you choose paired learning.

You can pay for the course on the site using a Visa / Mastercard or using a Zelle, PayPal payment transfer.

Will you have access to the materials after the training?

You have unlimited access to the course and all its updates.

Within 7 days from the date of purchase, you can make a refund if you do not like the product. We will be sorry if this happens, but our team is always open to dialogue and objective criticism.


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