Online training for the Safety Manager profession

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Online training for the Safety Manager profession



 This is a freight manager who ensures compliance with government regulations on safety measures during transportation and at the workplace. It is thanks to Safety Manager that a transport company is able to grow and develop steadily


Our Safety Manager Crash Course will provide you with a solid understanding of current DOT/FMCSA safety regulations and equip you with strategies, up-to-date experience and tools to create and maintain an effective safety program in your company


Let’s talk in detail about how to find customers. How to find a job in a company. And also, how to find customers and remotely provide Safety Service services for transport companies across America.


Online training for the Safety Manager profession
This course aims to train new trucking security managers.
The training is also suitable for those who want to improve their skills in the field of transport security management.
The curriculum includes all the information you need to start and advance your skills in the Safety Manager profession.
Knowledge is completed in 10 modules
You will be able to perfectly learn a new profession, as well as new necessary skills.
45 lessons
20 hours of video training and practical exercises
Personal mentor


Home Tasks

This course covers all the important concepts and fundamentals that will help you specialize in this field and become a sought-after employee who leads the process of transport security management and provides professional support for transport companies.

Who is a Safety Manager?

The Safety Manager is a departmental manager in charge of transportation, who conducts audits and reviews of the transportation safety management process, monitors performance indicators. The Safety Manager plans and implements workplace safety training for employees, maintains safety records, and manages the transportation safety management process and prepares a report outlining the possible causes of an accident.​

  • You have experience in logistics and would like to become a Safety Manager
  • Do you dream of working from home and getting a decent salary?
  • Do you want to earn from $20/hour
  • Stay in the USA
  • Know English and dream of remote work with decent pay
  • Preparation of documents
    Record keeping for traffic inspection
  • Employment of drivers
    Development of materials and training for drivers on the implementation of a safe transport management system
  • Company rating analysis
    How to form plans to correct various violations.
  • Calculation of taxes and formation of invoices
    Master the rules of taxation and transport companies and understand how to work with a broker
  • Preparing for an audit
    Includes supplier audits and private fleet inspections.
    The methodology for auditing driver qualification files, as well as understand how documents are managed

The learning process includes:
Studying the topic and watching video tutorials
Doing homework and assignments under the guidance of a mentor
Final Exam and Getting Started

Training program

1. Introduction to USA transportation industry

United States transport industry
How did the trucking business start in the US?
Who is a Safety Manager?

2. Profession Safety Manager

Nuances of cargo transportation in the USA
Main state structures
Maps of all US states.

3.Trucking Company

You will learn what a Company File is and what documents a transport company needs to work in accordance with the law. Examining Form MCS 150.

4. Working with drivers

Learn the process of hiring a driver from initial screening to hitting the road.
You will also learn when to fire a driver and how to report violations in advance.

5. Documentation

Familiarize yourself with the types of trailers and trailers and the specifics of their work. Find out how to register them and renew your registration.

6. IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

You will learn what IFTA is, how to file a fuel tax report, and what tools and documents are required for this.
You will learn how to analyze routes and properly save all documents for the upcoming review.

7. HOS (hours of operation)

Find out what HOS RULES is – driver’s working hours.
Learn how to complete and maintain the required paperwork.

8. Insurance

(Accidents) Find out what types of insurance exist and are required in the field of cargo transportation. And also how to renew insurance.

9. Drug & Alcohol Testing

Get instructions for the safety manager and driver in case of an accident.
Learn how to write an accident report.

10 Safer & CSA

Complaints (Complaints)
You will learn what Claim is and how to analyze it.

Keep documents and communicate with all participants in the incident.
We will analyze real situations from which you will understand how to act in a critical situation.

How to become a Safety Manager?

Sign up for Safety Manager training. Under the guidance of the curator, go through all the topics and complete the tasks.
After completing the course, take the test. Get a certificate to test your knowledge and further work.
Now you can apply for remote jobs if you live outside the US.
You can work for yourself as a private Safety Manager or open your own Safety office in your city.
You earn decent money. Now you have financial independence.

How does a Safety Manager make money?

The owner of a transport company or owner-operator receives payment from brokers for the transportation and delivery of goods. You get a rate from each cargo, from which in the future you will need to calculate commissions and various costs, including fuel and taxes. You can carry out all these calculations before starting work.

Depending on the agreements with drivers, you can earn from 50-85% of the cost of each delivered cargo or offer a fixed payment for drivers

Working as an owner-operator or owner of a transport company, you can earn from $2000-$5000+ per week. You can start by buying one truck. However, if you have the financial ability or you can attract investors, we recommend that you purchase more trucks, in order to make good and stable money, you will need at least 3-4 trucks


Training takes place online. During a live session with a curator, you will walk through the main topics of the 10 Safety Manager modules on our platform. You will also have personal consultations from the curator in the United States. The training includes additional materials. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate that will help you start a company and find partners for cooperation.

Training will take exactly as much time as you decide to allocate for it. We recommend focusing on 2-3 hours of daily work during training. It is difficult to give an exact figure – all students have different speed, resources and motivation.

Of course, you can work as a US Safety Manager from anywhere in the world. And it doesn’t matter where you live – in Kazakhstan or Ukraine. In the training you will find a whole module dedicated to remote work.

Initially, the training was created for future Safety Managers. The course reveals important issues that many are silent about. The process of filling out IFTA, Drug & Alcohol Testing and the nuances of communicating with drivers and other equally important topics. This is a Safety training for a transport company in practice with real life examples.

If you work as an independent Safety Manager or have your own office with employees, you can combine different activities and work several hours a day. The only thing you need is to be in touch during business hours. If you work for a company, you can also work part-time, as your main task is to monitor the transport safety of your driver’s trucks and be in touch.

Training takes place in English  and Russian languages ​​of your choice.

To work as an owner operator in the US, you need to have at least an intermediate level of English (B2).

You will have chat support from managers throughout the course. The training also includes a personal consultation with the curator.

Yes. However, if you want a separate study room with progress tracking and a certificate, we recommend that you choose paired learning.

You can pay for the course on the site using a Visa / Mastercard or using a Zelle, PayPal payment transfer.

You have unlimited access to the course and all its updates.

Within 7 days from the date of purchase, you can make a refund if you do not like the product. We will be sorry if this happens, but our team is always open to dialogue and objective criticism.


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