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Trucking Authorities & Permits

Trucking Authorities & Permits

Trucking Authorities

The trucking industry is complicated and can be challenging for new businesses. Many permits and trucking authorities are required to move shipments coast-to-coast. Our skilled staff at Tigerlex can help you organize the trucking company and obtain the necessary paperwork and permits to make sure your shipments can travel anywhere.

What is the Trucking Authority?

The United States has several agencies regulating the trucking industry. Among the most notable are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT).
The FMCSA handles all trucking-related permits, especially the fees and demands required to operate a truck. The DOT monitors safety standards and driver qualifications. The FHWA sets national policies for highway and bridge construction.
The trucking authority is authorized by Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) to transport goods for profit. A company can claim two types of authority: contract authority and shared authority. Contract authority is given to transporters who only ship cargo for companies without a contract. Shared authority is for transporters who employ any company willing to pay for the carriage of legitimate freight.

What does Having Trucking Authority Mean?

Trucking authority is essential for the Trucking Business. Being authorized to ship freight means that a company has permission to transport goods for profit. Trucking authority is necessary to sell and ship goods avoiding the fines and penalties that the US Department of Transportation (DOT) imposes on non-compliant companies.

How to Get Trucking Authorities?

A trucking company needs to possess the necessary paperwork and permits to ship freight from coast to coast. Companies like Tigerlex can help you navigate the complicated transportation industry and obtain all the paperwork for getting trucking authorities.

Types of Trucking Authorities and Permits

  • CVOR/NSC Number
  • IFTA Decals
  • IRP Plates
  • Canadian Carrier Code
  • UCR Registration
  • SCAC Code
  • DOT Number
  • MC Number
  • BOC-3 Process Agent filing
  • NY HUT Registration
  • KYU Number
  • NM WDT Registration
  • PARS & PAPS Labels

Corporation Registration and Profile Building

Incorporate your new trucking business as a provincial or federal corporation to reduce the risk to your financials to a minimum. Increase your visibility in the marketplace with a well-designed website, an appealing logo, and marketing materials, including brochures and business cards. These cost-effective and straightforward steps will help you establish credibility with potential customers and partners.

IRP Renewal & Vehicle Registration

  • Plate renewal
  • Trip Permit
  • Replace sticker
  • Original registration
  • Transfer of a used vehicle
  • Plate attachment/replacement/termination
  • Data changes (e.g. address, make, model)
  • Vehicle status changes

Carrier Bonds

Increase the scale and versatility of your business by being a bonded carrier. Becoming a bonded carrier enables you to transport your shipments domestically to a CBSA office for release at Customs or move loads across Canada without releasing the shipment.

IFTA, New York, New Mexico, Kentucky Tax Filing

The International Fuel Tax Agreement demands the filing of tax returns for all carriers every quarter. The U.S. above states levy a highway use tax and require the filing of quarterly returns. Let Tigerlex handle the exhausting calculation of the numbers.

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